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For some years, we have been supplying many Clubs and Federations around the country with a variety of supplies for their shows.

We know how difficult it can be for Clubs and Federations to get cost-effective stationery for their Competitions. Our service is based on years of development at the National Championship that we organise each year, and the experience of the committee members at their own Clubs and Federations; so we know that our solutions can be effective.

We now carry some products in a standard format, for which we have lowered the price, and can supply in smaller quantities. We continue to supply customised labels at the same competitive price that we have kept unchanged for over seven years. Many Clubs and Federations use our labels, are very satisfied, and we regularly receive repeat orders.

This Supplies service is primarily for the benefit of NAWB members, but we are quite willing to supply Clubs or Federations who are not NAWB members, or organisations who are not involved in Wine and Beer making.

Below is a list of what we can supply;
  • Bottle identity labels
  • Robust cover-up labels (to hide competitor details on bottle label)
  • Judges comment labels
  • Various coloured labels to indicate 1st, 2nd, etc
  • Judges marking sheets (in association with NGWBJ)
  • Certificates
All stationery, except the Cover-up labels, can have a Club or Federation identity inserted, and for NAWB members, we will do this at no extra cost on most items.

All forms and labels are laser-printed on good quality stationery and, therefore, will not smudge. Forms can be over-printed, or easily written on, for your Show.

Bottle Identity Labels
Printed on A4 sheets of self-adhesive labels, 12 per sheet, with each label measuring approximately 63.5mm wide by 72mm tall.
Labels can be modified, within reason, to your Show/Competition. They can show the entry organiser, areas to fill in for the most common information used in competition, and an area at the bottom with confidential competitor information that you may want to cover up during judging. Some of the benefits from using these labels are:
  • We can customise the labels with your Club or Federation details
  • Particularly good for all those club night competitions, or smaller shows that do not necessarily justify special computer printing of your own labels
  • They are designed to be used with the Cover-up labels described below
  • We can put a box around the label; this can help splitting them up
  • Labels are now "easy-peel" to make the subsequent bottle cleaning easier.
Robust Cover-up Labels (to hide competitor details on Bottle labels)
These are made specifically to our design by specialist printers, and meet all the needs of the National. We are sure they will meet most of your competition needs. They are 85mm wide and 35m tall. They are light blue in colour and made from heavyweight good quality paper. Other main features:
  • There is a gum strip on each side that gives good adhesion to glass, but washes off easily
  • These labels will cover confidential information on labels up to 70mm wide
  • The colour and thickness make it almost impossible to read the covered data from front or back
  • Stewards and Judges will find them relatively easy to uncover after judging, and the gum strips make the sticking of Cover-ups to the bottle label less likely
Judges Comment labels
These labels are laser-printed on A4 sheets of self-adhesive labels, 12 per sheet, with each label measuring 63.5mm wide by 72mm tall.
These labels have worked well at the National and have the following advantages:

  • We can add your Club or Federation name, and possibly a logo
  • There is a choice of designs. One that allows for just comments only, or one that allows comments and an overall judgement on the bottle using "tick boxes"
  • We can put a box around the label; this makes splitting them up a little easier, and Judges comments are unlikely to spread over adjacent labels
  • Labels are now "easy-peel" to make the subsequent bottle cleaning easier.
We can supply these certificates, sized approx 146mm x 103mm, printed on a variety of coloured cards.
Certificates can be customised for your Club or Federation.

Various coloured labels to indicate 1st, 2nd, etc
These are cost-effective coloured or white labels that can be used to indicate the position of the winning bottles; they can be used as centres for rosettes, or can be stuck onto certificates to add some colour. There are 35 self-adhesive labels to each sheet; they are round, and each one measures 37mm across. We use them to mark 1st, 2nd etc., at the National, and have used them on certificates and rosettes. They have the advantage of being self-adhesive and we can customise them with your club or Federation name. You can choose the colour you want for each placing, except when using standard stock, but all labels on one sheet must be the same colour. We can currently provide labels showing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Very Highly Commended, Highly Commended or Commended; you choose the ones you want. We can currently supply Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cream and White.

Judges marking sheets (in association with the NGWBJ)
We have based our sheets on the tried and tested design of those circulated by the National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges (NGWBJ), and acknowledge their assistance. We can supply Wine, and Beer/Sparkling Wine Judging Sheets, and hope your Show organisers use these sheets to perpetuate a National standard.
We can also offer the extra benefit of customising the sheets for your Club or Federation.

Price List and Conditions for 2019 (as at January 2019)
The supplies on this page are part of the services supplied primarily to NAWB members, and such are will not have all the commercial back-up associated with Companies. All labour in sourcing, printing and supplying these goods is supplied free by NAWB members, and any profits go to NAWB funds, for the benefit of NAWB members.
Product Prices
    Price Minimum Order Quantity P&P
Bottle identity labels standard 25p/sheet ask when ordering  
  customised 28p/sheet 30 sheets 2.40
Cover-up labels   8.00 for 500 500 3.00
    15.00 for 1000 1000 4.50
Judges comment labels standard 25p/sheet ask when ordering  
  customised 28p/sheet 30 sheets 2.40
Round labels 1st, 2nd, etc standard 50p/sheet ask when ordering  
  customised 60p/sheet 12 sheets 2.40
Judges marking sheets standard 1.30/pac(25) ask when ordering  
  customised 1.50/pack(25) 1 pack 2.00
Customised Certificates contact the Supplies Officer for details      

Conditions of Supply
  • Any special requirements, such as Club or Federation names, should be discussed or transmitted to the Supplies Officer who will agree what can be achieved
  • All printing is in black, on various white or coloured stationery items
  • The Postage and Packing (P&P) charges shown above are for the quantities shown in the minimum order column and apply separately for each item ordered. Pro-rata value should be added for larger orders. Post rate allowances are 2nd class and may be reviewed if Postage rates change.
  • All correspondence on supplies to be via the Supplies Officer
  • Cheques only please, when paying for supplies. Cheques must be sent with the order and made payable to: N.A.W.B.
For further details and costs, please contact

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