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The ‘National Association of Wine and Beermakers’ is the primary organisation in England that draws together individuals, clubs, and federations in England who are involved in amateur wine and beer making.
The primary activity of the ‘National Association of Wine and Beermakers’, or NAWB, is to stage the world’s premier Annual show for the hobby of home brewing. The ‘National’ is normally held at the end of March or early April. It is a two-day show with the AGM and Conference held on the same weekend.

Between 1996 and 2010, the ‘National’ alternated between two venues - Scarborough and Weston-Super-Mare. However, Scarborough became too expensive; so the committee decided to move to a new venue for the Annual show in 2011 and Hull was chosen. It was hoped that this new venue is sited conveniently enough to enable members from all over the country to travel to it. From 2014 the show moved from Weston-Super-Mare to Coventry and a very successful show was held there. In 2017 the show moved from Hull to Manchester.

So you were stuck at home during lockdown. You couldn’t go the pub, a wine bar or a restaurant. You have improved your culinary skills, but you need a new hobby. How about trying Homebrew? It could even save you money!

UPDATE: The Coventry hotel has been booked for April 14-16 2023. The classes in the schedule are in the process of being revised, and details will be posted on the web site by the summer.

The weekend is not just about the Show. There are home-made wine and beer tastings on Friday evening, a commercial wine tasting on Saturday afternoon, and a dinner-dance on Saturday evening.

The majority of classes in the show are solely for members of NAWB, but there are 24 classes that are also open to non-members who are members of clubs affiliated to NAWB. Non-members are most welcome to attend the weekend’s events, except for the AGM.

However, by becoming a member and entering the ‘National’, this is your chance to enter the members’ classes and to try out your wines against some of the leading amateur Wine and Beer makers in the country. More reasons to join NAWB can be found on the Why Join NAWB page.

Further details about membership of NAWB can be found on the Membership page. Click here for Membership Application / Renewal Form and/or Standing Order Form.

If you are interested in entering the National Show, whether you wish to become a member or not, then please contact the and a show schedule will be sent to you as soon as they are available, or view the Show Schedule page.

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