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Andrew's Dry Stout (1998) Imperial Stout (2004) Mo's Mystic Dry Stout (2009)

Andrew's Dry Stout
Members Recipe 1998 National
Supplied by Andrew Findlay

Makes 2 gallons with an S.G. of 1048/1050
3lb 8oz Crushed Pale Malt
6oz Flaked Barley
4oz Crushed Wheat Malt
10oz Crushed Roast Barely
30grams Galena Hops
15grams Goldings Hops

Mash grains for 3 hours at 156 deg F.
Sparge to give approx 2.5 gallons at SG 1045. Boil for 2 hours with Galena Hops; add Goldings hops at end of the boil and leave for 15 minutes. Cool as quickly as possible and strain into fermenting vessel.

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Members Recipe 2004 National
Supplied by Phil Turner
Won by Rod Carroll

Makes 2 gallons with an O.G. of 110
8lb Pale Malt
14oz Roast Barley
8oz Crystal Malt
2oz Chocolate Malt
8oz Dark Muscovado Sugar
4oz Goldings or Fuggles

Mash @ 65, using own schedule.
This was originally the County Beermakers 1983 Anniversary Recipe.

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Mo's Mystic (Dry) Stout.
Members Recipe 2009 National
Supplied by Maureen Western
Won by Colin Parton

Makes 2 gallon mash

4 lbs Pale Malt.
4 oz Crystal Malt.
6 oz Flaked Barley.
6oz Roast Barley
2oz Chocolate Malt
2oz Fuggles Hops
1/4 oz Challenger Hops
Mash the ingredients except the hops at 66.5C for 1.5 hours, drain and sparge. Boil the wort with the fuggles hops for 1.5 - 2 hours, add the challenge hops for the final 15 minutes of the boil.
Anticipate O.G. 1052 to 1056. Allow 3 months for maturation in the bottle.

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