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Annual Show 2011 Photo Gallery

The photos have been set up in PowerPoint shows again this year. Double-click on the links to see the photos. Each show moves from one photo to the next automatically, and there are approximately 20 or so photos in each show. If you wish to view the show in full screen mode, then right-click anywhere on the screen and select 'full screen'.

If you do not have PowerPoint on your pc, then you will need to download the Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007. Click here to go to the Microsoft Office web site; search for 'PowerPoint Viewer 2007' on the web site; click on 'PowerPoint Viewer 2007' in the resulting list and download the viewer for free.

Friday & Saturday at the Show

Saturday afternoon - presentation of trophies (part 1)

Saturday afternoon - presentation of trophies (part 2)

Saturday afternoon - presentation of trophies (part 3)

Saturday Evening - presentation of major trophies

My thanks to Colin Hotham, who took the majority of the photos; also thanks to Susanne Masters, Jennifer Hinch, Dave Pulley and Elaine Robinson. All photos are credited to Colin, except where indicated. All photos are copyright to the photographer.
Further photos from the Annual Show at Ramada Jarvis, Hull can be added.
If anyone has any photos that they took at the show that they would like included on the web site, then please send them to the .

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